About Kelly LeClair Coaching

Kelly Leclair video real estate coachAfter working in television news as a reporter and anchor for 10 years, Kelly made a career move to residential real estate. Like many other new realtors, she was excited about learning a new business, creating an entrepreneurial lifestyle for her and her family and working one-on-one helping clients. And in her naïveté, she assumed the clients would just appear. (Insert cricket noises here).

And in Southern California, It didn’t take long to realize that seemingly everyone around her had a real estate license. If you’re a realtor reading this, you can definitely relate, right?

How do you break through? For Kelly, she pulled from her past experiences of researching, writing and sharing information on local news broadcasts. She created the LeClair Real Estate Reels: a free content video marketing platform. Within a few months, the community and other agents started to notice the videos. Her business took off!

Now, almost 4 years later, the video content marketing and high level listing videos are a key to Kelly’s success as a single-agent consistently selling homes each year. Over time she has created a system for herself to prepare, shoot and promote videos that helps sell listings faster and gain trust with potential clients. As Kelly’s videos gained more exposure, she heard from agents across the country asking specific questions about how she does it. She saw a need in the marketplace for someone to break down the system and share with other realtors looking to take their business to the next level. She teamed up with a partner and created this video education series. In these classes, other Realtors—-with no television experience—-can learn exactly what Kelly does to create their own version of video content marketing.

Today, Kelly continues to love her work in residential real estate based in San Clemente, CA with Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty.